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Media Attacked, Journalists Murdered: Democracy Eroded: The media occupies a crucial space within all societies. It always has, but in an uncertain age, dominated by social media with its proliferation of opinions and “facts”, and the trend towards increasingly polarized, controlling governments, it is more important than ever. Read more
Ethiopia: TPLF Terrorism Expands, Civilians Massacred: As the armed conflict between Ethiopia and the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) enters a new phase, Ethiopians are uniting against their common enemy. Read more
Complacency Rules: Consumerism and the Environment: The 16 Year Old, middle class, privileged, argues that meat and other animal produce are essential for his health, his ability to play sport, and the development of his adolescent brain. Read More
The Poison of Nationalism: Once upon a time Nationalism was an ideology reserved for extremists. But in recent years it has moved from the irrelevant fractious fringes to become a central movement in western politics. Read more
Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A Unifying Peoples Proejct: With a population of 118 million (expected to top 200 million by the end of 2049) Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa. 70% (c.80 million) are under thirty. 24 July 2021. Read More
Stop Interfering”: Ethiopias Opportunity Post Election: Despite ongoing violence in the northern region of Tigray, persistent attempts to de-rail the process and cries of catastrophe by western powers (most notably the US) and mainstream media, on the 21 June Ethiopia conducted its first ever democratic elections. 9 July 2021. Read More
Race to Net Zero: Are We Ready? ‘Net Zero Emissions’ is the new political slogan, chanted by governments and business leaders desperate to be seen to be taking the environmental emergency seriously. 28 May 2021. Read More
GDP versus Lasting Growth Rooted in Love: In what feels like a throwback to another era, banks and big business are once again talking about ‘growth’, and economic development. Both of which amount to the same thing to the men and women of money – profit. 7 May 2021. Read More
Ethiopia: Violence Instability and the Need for Law and Order: An unresolved war in the north of the country; ethnic based violence some are describing as genocide in the West; random explosions of aggression in various regions: Ethiopia is trembling. 26 April 2021. Read More
Beyond Covid:, The essential Building Blocks of a Just World: We are living through extraordinary times. Even pre-Covid they were strange, unprecedented in a variety of ways; now more so, crazy in many ways. 2 April 2021. Read More
The Emerging Culture of Compassion: Given the level of divisive conditioning, with its emphasis on competition and selfishness, that we are all exposed to, it’s a wonder that kindness and compassion exist at all. 22 March 2021. Read More
Freedom of Thought and the Death of Ideologoes: Amidst widespread mistrust of authority and governing institutions (politicians, particularly governments, are the least trusted group in society), dogma, from whatever source, appears to be losing its suffocating hold on the minds of people everywhere. 5 March 2021. Read More
The Global Cry for Change: Change is in the air, it’s been hovering for some time, but thanks to Covid-19 festering social issues and inequalities have been highlighted, intensifying the need for a new approach.19 February 2021. Read More
Overpopulation Food Waste and Climat Change: In 1960 there were around 3 billion people on Earth, by December 2020 the number had leapt to 7.8 billion. 5 February 2021. Read More
The Rich The Poor and Climate Change: Only the most deluded denier can now question that the global climate is dramatically changing, and that the chaos is man-made. 22 January 2021. Read more
The Shame of Global Hunger:  We live in a world of plenty, resource rich, financially wealthy, but, despite this abundance an estimated 700 million people go hungry every day. 11 January 2021. Read more
Ethiopia: Death and Despair as Divisions Erupt Into Violent Conflict: Grandmothers carrying babies, mothers, children, men young and old with nothing but the clothes on their backs are fleeing fighting in northern Ethiopia and making their way to Sudan, where emergency camps await them. 20 Nov 2020. Read more
The Tide is Turning: Change and the Coming of Maitreya:  For most of 2020 Covid-19 has dominated mainstream media, and whilst serious, the pandemic is but the latest in a series of dark clouds gathering upon our collective horizon. 13 Nov 2020. Read more
Saving Our Planet is Our Responsibility: Destructive human behavior based on selfishness, greed and ignorance has created the interrelated environmental emergency. 2 Nov 2020. Read More
Change and Decay: A Time of Transition: It’s the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere, a beautiful and refreshing space between the heady days of summer and the chill of winter, a transitional time. 18 Sept 2020. Read more
No Going Back: Environmental Action Post Covid: It’s been a weird time, the last six months, and so it continues; perhaps it always was. It’s certainly been an unjust violent mess in varying degrees of severity, for as long as most can remember. 31 August 2020. Read more
Ethiopia’s Volatile Path to Democracy. Ancient ethnic divisions and long held grievances die hard. Ethiopia is made up of dozens of tribal/ethnic groups, divided into nine regional states. 27 July 2020. Read more
Prison: Therapeutic Centers Or Academies of Crime? We may know where one is, we may regularly pass by one, but most of us will never go to prison. Dark Islands of Confinement, existing in a space separated from the rest of society, where men, women and youths are locked up, often poorly treated, seldom rehabilitated. 10 July 2020. Read more
Racism: Are We All Prejudice? Loud acts of racism, like the atrocious killing of George Floyd by a US police officer; the disproportionate number of black men incarcerated in American prisons or the high percentage of young black or minority ethnic (BAME) men subjected to ‘stop and search’ by police in Britain are blatant and ugly. 26 June 2020. Read more
Reinvogorating the UK? Whatever corner of the world one happens to live in, the most pressing issues of the day affect everyone. 15 June 2020. Read more
Air Pollution Mental Health and Covid-19: Lockdowns imposed in response to Covid-19 forced millions of people to stay at home, businesses closed and a widespread hush descended. 29 May 2020. Read more
The Spiritualisation of Culture: Much like socialism or love, ‘spiritual’ is a word that through overuse and misappropriation has been diluted to the point where it has lost virtually all meaning. 14 May 2020. Read more
Only the Poor Starve: Hunger in the Time of Covid: Additional to the global health crisis and the coming worldwide economic collapse, Covid-19 is fuelling a humanitarian crisis. 4 May 2020. Read more
Covid-19: The Rich, the Poor, the ‘Other’: ‘We’re all in this together,’ chant the duplicitous politicians, meaning the Covid-19 pandemic. The official language around the crisis is consistently hypocritical and disingenuous; – ‘trite and misleading’ is how the BBC described the UK government’s slimy rhetoric. 21 April 2020. Read More
Change Love and the Need for Unity: Much needs to change in our world, and while this was clear before Covid-19, the pandemic is highlighting festering issues and creating a space in which to re-access current modes of living. 6 April 2020. Read More
Death of the ‘Usual‘: Humanity is faced with a series of self-made, interrelated crises, from the environmental catastrophe to poverty, inequality, the absence of peace and an unprecedented level of displaced persons, among other pressing issues. 20 March 2020. Read more
Systemic Crulety: When bailiffs broke down his door on the 20th June 2018 they found Errol Graham emaciated and dead. He weighed just four and a half stone (28.5kg). 10 February 2020. Read more
Education: Expanding Purpose: As the world stumbles from one crisis to another it is increasingly apparent that existing systems and institutions are incapable of responding to the challenges of the time and the growing demands of the people. 21 January 2020. Read more
Hollow Promises of a Better Life: Modern Day Slavery: Despite the fact that slavery has long been abolished it continues to blight our world, destroying the lives of tens of millions of people. Read more
Climate Change: All Talk No Action: Awareness of climate change and the interconnected environmental crisis is growing throughout the world. Read more
Decimation of the Rainforests and the Money Men: During August thousands of fires ravaged the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Bolivia. Some are still burning. Read more
The Rise and Rise of Green Politics: Alongside the flag-waving surge of right wing and extreme right wing groups, political parties concerned with environmental issues are on the rise. Read more
The Need for Unity in Ethiopia: Ethiopia is a tribal nation, made up of 80 or so different groups, some large some small, some powerful, some not. Read more
From Porn to Tweets and Online Bullying; The Age of Abuse: As social divisions deepen, polarities spread, extremists rise, anger and abuse grows, is growing, is being legitimized, excused. Read more
Breaking the Spiral of Hate and Intolerance: Valeria Martinez Ramirez was 23 months old when she drowned in the Rio Grande with her father Oscar in June this year. Read more
Hidden Plastcs: Glitter Gum and the AIr We Breath: The plastic contamination of the natural world flows from three main sources: complacency, apathy and ignorance, a poisonous trinity that is itself the result of a narrow and destructive approach to living. Read more
Zero Waste The Global Plastics Crisis: Plastic pollution is everywhere, it litters beaches, clogs up oceans, chokes marine life, is ingested by seabirds that then starve to death. Read more
Global Rebellion to Save our Planet: “The greatest threat to the Earth is thinking someone else will save it.” The responsibility is ours; politicians and governments are complacent, dishonest and buried in the ideology of the past. Read more
Maitreya:” Share and Save the World“: Amidst deepening global divisions and intolerance ‘Project Maitreya’ plan to build 1,000 statues of Maitreya Buddha around the world, with the aim, they say, of inculcating an atmosphere of ‘loving kindness’; Read more
Consuming Stuff: The Polluting World of Fashion: The interconnected environmental catastrophe is the result of a particular lifestyle. Read more
A World Divided by Ideologies: Six-year-old Kate was playing with her younger brother, each had a Frisbee, which they threw as far as they could. After each round of throws Kate declared that she had ‘won’, having thrown the Frisbee further than her three-year-old sibling. Read more
Rising Politics of Intolerance and the Need for Unity: Over the last 20 years extreme right-wing groups have been on the rise throughout the world.  Read more
Transitional Times and the Appearance of a New Normal:  By any measure these are extraordinary times, revolutionary times in which a ‘new normal’ is evolving as existing systems and practices crumble. Read more
A Political Renaissance in Ethiopia: What Should Change Look Like? This is an extraordinary time in Ethiopia’s history, a time of tremendous opportunity and hope. Read more
Young people lead the charge to change the world: We are living amongst the largest generation of young people in history; young people who are better educated, better informed and more widely connected than ever before. Read more
‘No Love on the Streets’: Knife crime in Britain: “I started carrying a knife aged 12…when I’ve got this [samurai sword] with me I feel safe, scare tactics init – the bigger [the knife] the better…No one breaks the cycle round here – the cycle never breaks.” Read more
Complacency and the Environemntal Catastrophe: Ask any reasonably well-informed person what the cause of climate change is and the chances are they will say greenhouse gas emissions (GGE’s), but they would only be partially correct. Read more
Give Children the Vote, Strengthen Democracy: In December 2018 David Runciman, Head of Politics at Cambridge University, made the radical proposal that children as young as six should be allowed to vote in elections to deal with the age bias in contemporary democracies. Read more
A Global Battle of Values and Ideals: With each day that passes the conflict and animosity between the conservative reactionary forces and the global movement for progressive change becomes more acute, uglier and increasingly dangerous. Read more
Tribal Nationalism vs Global Unity: Change, discontent and uncertainty are some of the most prominent characteristics of the times. Read more
Britain’s Homeless Crisis: Under the suffocating shadow of economic austerity, homelessness in Britain is increasing, poverty and inequality deepening. Read more
Fracking Filthy Fuel: Burning fossil fuels is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions (GGE), and, greenhouse gas emissions (water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O)) are the principle cause of man-made climate change. Read more
Sharing is Key to a New Economic and Democratic Order: In order to meet the colossal challenges of the time, fundamental change to the socio-economic order is needed. Read more
Priorities of the Time: Peace: For as long as anyone can remember violence and conflict have been part of daily life: humanity appears incapable of living peacefully together. Read more
Alcohol: Why do we drink?I had known John for 40 years on and off; just over a year ago he died. He was 62 and homeless, an alcoholic who over the course of four years or so had drunk himself to death. Read more
Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Destructive Lifestyles:  Throughout the world heat waves, flooding and uncontrollable wildfires have caused widespread havoc, lives have been lost, homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined. Read more
UFO’s: Proven ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’: In December 2017 the New York Times (NYT) revealed details of a hitherto secret defense program set up to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Read more
A Time of Hope for Ethiopia: As a result of the protest campaign that started in 2015, political change is at last underway in Ethiopia, and a feeling of optimism is beginning to pervade the country. Read more
Education and the Mental Health Epidemic: Across the western world June is exam time; in Britain, written tests taken halls of silence and tension have triggered a mini-epidemic of anxiety rooted conditions. Read more
Diet, Ignorance and the Environmental Crisis: Climate Change sounds vast and impersonal, but it’s really a very personal matter; a global crisis caused by the individual actions humanity has collectively taken. Read more
Inequality Social Dysfunction and Misery:  Year on year the economic divisions and sub divisions in the world deepen, the associated social ills increase. Read more
Creating Right Relationship:  Within many areas of contemporary life there is a growing momentum for fundamental change. Inequality and injustice are being resolutely challenged. Read more
The Shame of Injustice:  Poverty is the greatest cause of death and illness globally; it strangles the lives of billions of people. Read more 
Crisis in Consciousness Change and the Individual:  Our society is besieged by a series of interconnected crises. Millions of people around the world know this and are crying out for change. Read more
Living in an Age of Desire and Anxiety:  Overwhelmed by anxiety and image insecurity a friend’s 20-year-old daughter recently quit her university course and withdrew to her bedroom. Read more
A Civilisation in Collapse – The Dawn of a New Era?  There can be little doubt that we are living through extraordinary times: barely a week passes without a major event of some kind occurring somewhere in the world. Read more 
Time for Political Change and Unity in Ethiopia:  Tadesse is a 28-year-old Ethiopian from the capital, Addis Ababa. Read more
Ethiopia: Final Days of the TPLF Regime:  Under relentless popular pressure the Ethiopian Prime-Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has been forced to resign. Read more
The Environmental Christmas Hangover:  Christmas may seem like a distant memory but the environmental effect of the annual consumer frenzy, over-indulgence and extravagance is lasting damage. Read more
Ending Pollution Requires a Change in Attitudes:  Pollution has become an everyday affair; a murderous way of life. Read more 
A Moment of Significance and Opportunity for Ethiopia:  Since November 2015 unprecedented protests have been taking place in Ethiopia. Read more
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