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Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Destructive Lifestyles:  Throughout the world heat waves, flooding and uncontrollable wildfires have caused widespread havoc, lives have been lost, homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined. Read more
UFO’s: Proven ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’: In December 2017 the New York Times (NYT) revealed details of a hitherto secret defense program set up to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Read more
A Time of Hope for Ethiopia: As a result of the protest campaign that started in 2015, political change is at last underway in Ethiopia, and a feeling of optimism is beginning to pervade the country. Read more
Education and the Mental Health Epidemic: Across the western world June is exam time; in Britain, written tests taken halls of silence and tension have triggered a mini-epidemic of anxiety rooted conditions. Read more
Diet, Ignorance and the Environmental Crisis: Climate Change sounds vast and impersonal, but it’s really a very personal matter; a global crisis caused by the individual actions humanity has collectively taken. Read more
Inequality Social Dysfunction and Misery:  Year on year the economic divisions and sub divisions in the world deepen, the associated social ills increase. Read more
Creating Right Relationship:  Within many areas of contemporary life there is a growing momentum for fundamental change. Inequality and injustice are being resolutely challenged. Read more
The Shame of Injustice:  Poverty is the greatest cause of death and illness globally; it strangles the lives of billions of people. Read more 
Crisis in Consciousness Change and the Individual:  Our society is besieged by a series of interconnected crises. Millions of people around the world know this and are crying out for change. Read more
Living in an Age of Desire and Anxiety:  Overwhelmed by anxiety and image insecurity a friend’s 20-year-old daughter recently quit her university course and withdrew to her bedroom. Read more
A Civilisation in Collapse – The Dawn of a New Era?  There can be little doubt that we are living through extraordinary times: barely a week passes without a major event of some kind occurring somewhere in the world. Read more 
Time for Political Change and Unity in Ethiopia:  Tadesse is a 28-year-old Ethiopian from the capital, Addis Ababa. Read more
Ethiopia: Final Days of the TPLF Regime:  Under relentless popular pressure the Ethiopian Prime-Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has been forced to resign. Read more
The Environmental Christmas Hangover:  Christmas may seem like a distant memory but the environmental effect of the annual consumer frenzy, over-indulgence and extravagance is lasting damage. Read more
Ending Pollution Requires a Change in Attitudes:  Pollution has become an everyday affair; a murderous way of life. Read more 
A Moment of Significance and Opportunity for Ethiopia:  Since November 2015 unprecedented protests have been taking place in Ethiopia. Read more
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