The Emerging Culture of Compassion: Given the level of divisive conditioning, with its emphasis on competition and selfishness, that we are all exposed to, it’s a wonder that kindness and compassion exist at all. 22 March 2021. Read More
The Tide is Turning: Change and the Coming of Maitreya:  For most of 2020 Covid-19 has dominated mainstream media, and whilst serious, the pandemic is but the latest in a series of dark clouds gathering upon our collective horizon. Read more
Death of the ‘Usual‘: Humanity is faced with a series of self-made, interrelated crises, from the environmental catastrophe to poverty, inequality, the absence of peace and an unprecedented level of displaced persons, among other pressing issues. Read more
Living in an Age of Desire and Anxiety: Overwhelmed by anxiety and image insecurity a friend’s 20-year-old daughter recently quit her university course. Read more