In Search of Peace: Ethiopian Refugees Dadaab

Portraits of refugees from the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, taken by Graham Peebles in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya, in March 2013. All had been victims of abuse by Ethiopian soldiers (under the EPRDF regime): tortured, raped, falsely imprisoned, witnessed family members killed.  See documentary film – Ogaden: Ethiopias Hiddedn Shame
_DSC0026 - Version 3.jpgMulki 19 years of age. Imprisoned, tortured, leg broken in prison_DSC0021.jpgOmar Abdi Borr aged 38. Wife and son murdered, imprisoned tortured_DSC0115.jpgKhadijo Ahmed, Aged 40. Imprisoned, tortured, raped_DSC0037.jpgIbrahim, aged 52. Shot and beaten_DSC0058.jpgNasro, aged 19. Imprisoned tortured_DSC0031.jpgCibaado, aged 60. Blinded in prison, burnedL1090631.jpgDeeq, aged 33. Imprisoned, tortured. Wife beaten to death_DSC0007.jpgMuus Mohammed Siyat, aged 35. Imprisoned & gang raped (child born), torturedL1090545.jpgArdo, aged 30. Imprisoned & gang raped, tortured_DSC0006.jpgSahro. Imprisoned, tortured & shot_DSC0034.jpgRodo, aged 30. Imprisoned & gang raped, tortured and her children killed_DSC0136.jpgAbdi Hared Adam. Imprisoned, tortured_DSC0083.jpgAbdi Ara, aged 50. Imprisoned, tortured, all family in prison still
_DSC0010.jpgFadumo, aged 40. Imprisoned Gang raped, tortured
_DSC0069.jpgNor, aged 12. Beaten as Mother was tortured in front of him_DSC0102.jpgKhadra Abdi, aged 7. Imprisoned with mother who was repeatedly raped in prison. Witness to torture_DSC0110.jpgShafec Abdi Omar, aged 47. Imprisoned, tortured
_DSC0139.jpgKhadar Hared Adam, aged 17. Tortured, using a crocodile to attack his legs_DSC0175.jpgHasan Jamae Warsamz, aged 52. Imprisoned tortured_DSC0169.jpgKowsar Ismail Yusuf. Falsely imprisoned & tortured_DSC0151.jpgHabdi Abdi, aged 27. Tortured, husband killed_DSC0160.jpg Khadar Ali Hirsi aged 45. TorturedL1090491.jpgHodan Ahkmed, aged 18. Imprisoned when 16, raped child conceivedL1090566.jpgRaho, aged 30. Imprisoned & repeatedly gang raped, tortured. Family killed by Ethiopian military_DSC0099.jpgKhadar, aged 30. Imprisoned three times and tortured
_DSC0046.jpgAbdi, aged 35. Imprisoned for two years, tortured. House burnt by Ethiopian military_DSC0041.jpgFadumo, aged 60. Gang raped by soldiers, tortured, family killed
L1090596.jpgNasro, aged 16. Falsely imprisoned. TorturedL1090601.jpgNastelo. Imprisoned & gang raped, torturedL1090705.jpgAbdi Aziz, aged 46. Imprisoned, torturedL1090696.jpgKowsar Smail, aged 29. Falsely imprisoned & repeatedly gang raped, tortured. Village burntL1090672.jpgArdo Mohammed, aged 58. Falsely imprisoned & gang raped, tortured – using a snake to bite herL1090634.jpgAbdisalan, aged 49. Wife tortured and beaten to death
L1090626.jpgZam Zam, aged 24. imprisoned, torturedL1090617.jpgHassan, aged 39. Business was looted. Imprisoned, torturedL1090612.jpgAbdi Najib, aged 13. Beaten by soldiers as mother was tortured in front of himL1090592.jpgAlsi, aged 40. Tortured. Husband tortured in front of her _DSC0050.jpgNastelo, aged 19. Imprisoned repeatedly gang raped, torturedL1090557.jpgSiyad, aged 30. Imprisoned & tortured. Scars on body